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Importants of website for your business

Why should I have a Website for My Business?

Here are 10 Important Reasons to have a good website for your business:

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1. Easy and Instant Communication - Round the Clock.

Your website is always available for your Customers. It works for you 24x7 with no labour cost.

Your website markets your business for you even when you are sleeping. Leaving a contact form or CTA form allows potential customers to reach you at their convenience & you can get back to them at yours.

2. A website increases the Geographic Range of your Business - giving it a Greater Exposure.

You can cover a greater range of your Targeted Audience, very easily.

Extend your Business beyound the constraints of boundary limits.

3. Your website Conveniences your Customer.

Customers need not spend to know about your business offerings, by driving to your location or calling you.

There is no pressure to buy. So the enquiries from your website have a greater probability of conversion.

4. A website is an Easy & Cheap method for Marketing - Saves you Money & Time.

Its very easy to change information on your website. Eg: If you wish to change Pricing or any other info about your products/services, you can change it easily on your website - and it reflects everywhere.

In Advertisements, you can't say everything in the limited space available. Just placing your website link in the Ad helps to explain everything about your business.

Marketing on Social Media and internet is much more cost effective than traditional marketing methods. Through social media, you can advertise free of cost that can reach globally.

Negligible maintenance cost - Once setup, it costs only a negligible amount anually, for maintenance.

It is easy to test new ideas - changing or modifying your website to attract your visitors and optimize conversion rates.

5. A website address is easy to remember & reference.

Website addresses are easier to remember than a phone number or geographical address.

A website makes it easy for people to refer new customers. Websites are easily accessible for people anywhere in the world.

6. A website adds Credibility to your business.

Just like business without a phone number or address is irrelevant, slowly it is being accepted by people that a business should have a website and Email address.

Your website is the face of your business. Make it Attractive, Responsive and Elegant.

It fulfills your brand promise - a professionally designed website is an extension of your brand.

7. Its easier to handle Customer Service through a website.

Customers usually have a common set of questions. Are you fed up of answering the same questions repeatedly? Through FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website, you can easily solve this.

Take feedback from your customers through fill-up forms and emails. It helps you improve your products and services.

8. Websites help you know your Customers better.

Using website analytics, you can get improtant data like number of website visitors, where do they come from, how much time they are spending on your website, which pages they are spending more time on, and much more.

Using these data that makes sense, can help you plan better strategies.

9. A website makes Networking with people easy for you.

Business Success depends mainly on making connections with other people.

Passing out your business card to thousands of people, out of millions of internet users - can be very easy using your website.

10. Your website says so much more to your customers.

You can say much more to your customers on a website, than on a print advertisement. There is no space / time restriction.

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