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Transactional SMS (With Alpha Sender-ID)

Transactional SMS

TTransactional sms is used to send information to your known clients. This sms will be send in their company name, sender id maximum of 6 characters. 160 character is considered as a single sms. SMS will be delivered to DND and NONDND numbers. Unlimited SMS can be sent per day. Transactional sms normally used by companies in billing software, schools for sending attendance, college for sending marks, share brokers for sending share market information.

Our API's are one of the fastest and most user-friendly that you can build your own SMS applications in matter of minutes. Here are some of our transactional sms features

1.Send to 2 Lakh+ Nos at Once

2.Send Group/Scheduled SMS

3.Upload from Excel file

4.Dynamic/personal Messaging

5.100% Delivery Guarantee on active numbers

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